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I'm Iris, a non-binary (they/them,she/her) electrical engineer with a passion for reverse engineering, cryptography, programming and just generally figuring out how things work. I frequently fully or partially take deep-dives into a topic of interest that isn't explained well or in detail online, and I hope to be able to document that knowledge here finally.

  1. Github Pages is still weird

    So in classic distracted fashion I started writing the FRC CAN bus post that will hopefully be the outcome of today and I managed to briefly gain some hope that Github pages was better and then immediately those hoped were dashed. …

  2. Blog update!

    (yes real posts are coming soon I promise)

    Well this blog has been kind of dead, no better time to make some major changes before I finally get a few posts out. In short, I updated the theme to one that looks a lot nicer. But that’s really a poor summary of all the work I did (it took a few hours this past evening to get everything nice enough to be ready to try and push it up globally). So let’s go over exactly what I worked on. …

  3. Brand new blog

    (and a bit of a rant about setting it up)

    So I have a blog now, how unique and interesting. I’ve thought about starting one seriously for a month or two now and I think it’s worthwhile to try it. You’d think it would be pretty easy to just setup a basic Jekyll site without even any theming using Github Pages, but I actually encountered a lot of headaches. …